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Aug 23, 2007:
New version 2.3.1 of IE plug-in solves problem of PMID not loading. PubMed changes to its URL caused it.

Jul 17, 2007:
All interactions from IntAct are now integrated into CBioC.

June 23, 2006:
See "Annotate While You Read" in Science Magazine's NetWatch.

June 1, 2006:
New feature: display facts from multiple PMIDs by entering a comma-separated list in the search box.

In Brief

CBioC (Beta) allows extraction and collaboration for data curation.

After install, loads when you visit PubMed.

Gets interactions from PubMed abstracts.

Allows you to vote and modify extracted data.

Also shows data from BIND, DIP, MINT, GRID, IntAct.


- BioAI Group
- CSE Dep.
- PubMed


Development of the CBioC Beta 2.3 system was supported by the Computer Science and Engineering Department, the Biomedical Informatics Department of the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University, the ETI3 initiative, InCISE, and FURI fellowships.
Pre-processing of abstracts was possible thanks to the courtesy of the joint Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University and Translational Genomics Institute (TGen) IBM Supercomputer cluster. We thank TGen and Ed Suh for giving us access.
Researchers Baral and Gonzalez and some of the students in the CBioC team received partial support from NSF grant 0412000, its REU supplement, and its BPC suplement, and from DTO/ARDA.