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Aug 23, 2007:
New version 2.3.1 of IE plug-in solves problem of PMID not loading. PubMed changes to its URL caused it.

Jul 17, 2007:
All interactions from IntAct are now integrated into CBioC.

June 23, 2006:
See "Annotate While You Read" in Science Magazine's NetWatch.

June 1, 2006:
New feature: display facts from multiple PMIDs by entering a comma-separated list in the search box.

In Brief

CBioC (Beta) allows extraction and collaboration for data curation.

After install, loads when you visit PubMed.

Gets interactions from PubMed abstracts.

Allows you to vote and modify extracted data.

Also shows data from BIND, DIP, MINT, GRID, IntAct.


- BioAI Group
- CSE Dep.
- PubMed


About the current version

Please cite: CBioC: beyond a prototype for collaborative annotation of molecular interactions from the literature.
Baral, C., Gonzalez, G., Gitter, A., Teegarden, C., Zeigler, A., in Computational Systems Bioionformatics Conference. 2007 (to appear). San Diego, Ca: Life Sciences Society.

CBioC: Web-based Collaborative Curation of Molecular Interaction Data from Biomedical Literature,
Baral, C., Davulcu, H., Gonzalez, G., Joshi-Tope, G., Nakamura, N., Singh, P., Tari, L., Yu, L, The Genetics Society of America 1st International Biocurator Meeting Pacific Grove, CA, December 8-11, 2005.

About the original concept

Collaborative Curation of Data from Bio-medical Texts and Abstracts and its integration. Chitta Baral, Hasan Davulcu, Mutsumi Nakamura, Prabhdeep Singh, Lian Yu and Luis Tari. Proc. of the 2nd International Workshop on Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS'05), San Diego, July 2005. 309-312.

Other related publications

Mining Gene-Disease relationships from Biomedical Literature: Incorporating Interactions, Connectivity, Confidence, and Context Measures.
Gonzalez, G., Uribe, J., Tari, L., Brophy, C., Baral, C. , in Pacific Symposium in Biocomputing. 2007. Maui, Hawaii.

IntEx: A Syntactic Role Driven Protein-Protein Interaction Extractor for Bio-Medical Text.
Syed Toufeeq Ahmed, Deepthi Chidambaram, Hasan Davulcu and Chitta Baral. Proc. of ISMB BioLINK SIG: Linking Literature, Information and Knowledge for Biology, Detroit, Michigan, June 24, 2005.


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